Bald Eagle Sighting


Bald Eagles are occasionally seen in or near the Preserve but not often.  One showed up this morning (3-11-16$ near the Robertsons’s Stables and caused a good deal of excitement among those lucky enough to see it.  Perhaps it was attracted by the fact that there is a little more water on the river right now.


Trail Etiquette

People are welcome to bring their dogs onto the Preserve but the rule is that dogs should either be on leash or within voice command range so that owners have control over them at all times.
It is particularly important that people can restrain their dogs when meeting equestrians, walkers, bicyclists, or other dog owners. This is for protection of people and animals alike, makes good sense and is part of good trail etiquette.  

Bluffs Fire, July 5

A fire broke out below the Bluffs in the early morning of July 5, started perhaps by fireworks or someone in a nearby homeless encampment. It turned up the hill and also down into trees. The fire could have spread deeper into the Preserve if the wind had changed. Firefighters from Station 64 on Roberts Lane responded and limited the damage. Thank you, people of Station 64

Fire 1 Fire 2 fire 3 fire 4